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"BEST SELLER EVER, Item just as described, couldn't be happier! Super fast shipping and fast to answer inquiries. Thank you so much for such a beautiful ruffle! A+++" 12/12/19

"Outstanding seller! Great communication, follow up, professionalism and thoroughness! I wish transactions like this could be the standard for customer service everywhere!" 06/03/13

"I was contacted the same day, and the customer service was above and beyond anything I have experienced on this website. I will buy my next upper from these guys! Fast shipping, especially to Alaska." 05/24/13

"Awesome seller!!!! Quick transaction, items came exactly as described. Even went above and beyond to ensure I was able to receive my purchase. Definitely hope to do business again! Thanks!! " 04/25/13

"You are an Excellent seller John. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Great communication. Perfect transaction. Everything went smoothly. A real asset to Gunbroker. A+ ThankU" 02/19/13

"Amazing rifle! Way, way nicer than described. Effortless transaction and a fantastic guy to deal with. Thanks, Doc..." 10/14/06

"This dealer is as good as you could want. I bought the rifle on Monday, I received it on Thursday. I consider his operation superb and very dependable. A+A+A+A+A+" 03/24/05
Unsolicitated customer comments via email or posted online:

"Thank you for making quality ammo available at a reasonable price. This is my first time picking up .223 ammo... if these feed well, I'll be back!"

"Greetings - Through Ammoseek.com they have kindly sent me emails when a shop on their list posts in stock ammo. 5.7x28 to be specific. My email isXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com on your site.

You had five more cases of 500 rd quantity each left and I put in my cart, verified it was in my cart elected the 23 dollar signature delivery, had all my info entered into your site and was entering my credit card information and when I pressed proceed or order whichever it says my cart got emptied and I got a notice telling me that I wouldn't be getting the order in my card as you were sold out. I'm not sure how this works but the sight said 5 left after I had just refreshed the screen to make sure and immediately placed my order into my cart. If you wouldn't mind explaining the process of purchasing from you I'd appreciate it. Is it some sort of race to see who enters their info the fastest? I feel sort of robbed of a purchase. I understand that there may be people who place something in their cart and don't follow through and thus would tie up inventory but I am made to place in cart first, fill out the required info, place my card and hit the order button. I would think that if I was providing my info and credit card that it shouldn't be possible to take the order away from me maybe because someone else decided to buy as well and finished before me and took my order out of my basket. I certainly wouldn't allow a customer to physically take merchandise out of a real basket while I stood in line to pay for the contents in it.

I'm not using sarcasm or taking any tone in the matter just to let you know as typing doesn't let you hear my voice. It's just that, that was a very disappointing experience and I feel like I had been stolen from. I type fast enough and didn't lollygag around. If I had typed faster after I had refreshed the screen, saw 5 left of the (500 rd quantities) would I have stolen the $400 and change merchandise from someone else's basket?

Please advise as I have been trying to acquire these for over a month looking every day now and finally KNEW I had procured what I have been after (in my head at least)."

"Hey folks, I just got the shipment, and it looks great. Thanks for the fast delivery."

"Thanks John

Very happy with the purchase
Stay safe
Max "

"Please send the package as soon as possible."

"I read your website and after seeing what you had wrote, I knew I had to purchase from you. Sounds like you’re great people."

"Just wanted to say thank you! Excellent service!"

Re: Great news! Your order has shipped! "wow. that was fast. I will be buying more ammo from Eagle Eye. And I am telling everyone I know about your website."

Re: Great news! Your order has shipped! "Holy cow! You're wizards"

Rating: 5.0 stars3 days to delivery - during the Covid-19 panic
By Ed - 2020-03-30 22:53:54
I ordered 1000 rounds of Federal 9mm HST the morning of 3/23 and the package was delivered to me in Georgia on 3/26. Awesome service!
"I am a recently new customer. Got my first order quickly and it was perfect. Thank you very much! I see on the front page you have the IMI coming back in stock today, but its still showing out of stock. Is there a certain time the new inventory goes live?

"Thank you So So So much for not price gouging. I have been looking for ammo at a near normal price for 4 months"

"Your help is greatly appreciated as are your services!"

"Thank you.

And thank you for doing what you do to support the shooting community.

I will be a customer from now on."

"I just wanted to say that I thought it was pretty cool finding out you are an MD."

"I received it yesterday!!! Thank you for the order. Impressed so far. We will be doing a lot together."

"Sorry I'm so late on this but I did want to thank you very much for getting my order squared away so quickly. I really do appreciate it."

"Just wanted to reach out about the case of Federal 147gr HST HP rounds I received from you. Shipping was fast, the ammo looks great, and the price was perfect! Please keep me in the loop when you get new stock!"

"Good news, I found the package, my wife picked it up and put it away and she forgot to tell me. I appreciate your quick response! I will definitely buy again from you.Sorry for the trouble. Thank you!"

"Just received this order. Thanks again for the service you provide. Always a pleasure doing business with your shop!"

"The unit arrived in perfect condition. We look forward to trying it on a new carbine on Thursday. Depending upon how that goes, we might be in contact for another one. And maybe that surefire weapon light that you have listed. That is a good deal as well. And I am a big fan of surefire. Thanks for the very pleasant shopping experience!"

"We really appreciate you and your help in serving the community. Wish you were close enough to have a beer with you. Merry Christmas!"

"My order arrived three days early, perfectly in time for Christmas! :-) . Thank you."

"I just want to say "Thank You". I received my order today. My experience with you has been fantastic. You have excellent communications. You shipped promptly. The packaging was excellent. My ammo arrived without any damage. The ammunition was exactly as described. The pricing delivered to my door was GREAT! Thank you! I will tell my friends and I will do more business with you."

"I just received my order from you all today ( my third I believe)'and just wanted to thank you for your superior products, fast shipping and exceptional packaging! It's a pleasure to do business with you."

"Thanks for all you do, we enjoy the ammo we get from you."

"Thank you for offering the top of the line quality ammo on the market. I will happily pay your asking price knowing it's going to a good cause."

"I have made two personal orders of 6 boxes of Ranger T ammo the last month and love your prompt service & quality... Also, I have given your business URL to numerous friends that have, or will be ordering. Thanks & keep up the great job!"
"Just opened the ammo today, they look great. Thank you!"

"I received the S&W M&P4 upper today and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. I have an older carbine length M&P15 that has been a great rifle, so I suspect that the M&P4 will be a good shooter as well. Thank you for the exceptionally fast shipping and great service. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends that are looking for hard to find premium ammo. You have quite a selection!"

"...I've sent your information to some friends of mine and told them how helpful you have been. Of course, the first thing they ask is, “he is the cheapest”? I tell them probably not, but you have to pay for quality and you have that along with great service and reliability. I also remind them, what difference does it make if the ammo is not in stock. I think you may see some more business from IL before too long..."

"Thank you for packing my last order so well. It survived shipment in perfect condition."

"Hi John, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and your prompt service. I will continue to send folks your way. Also, keep up the great job!"

"Thank you very much for your service! I was very happy with how fast I got the package! I hope to do more business with you in the future and I will definately recommend you!"
"I’m a physician,and retired at the inception of Obamacare. I’ve purchased ammo from your site on several occasions and appreciate the good service, the careful packaging ,good pricing and reasonable shipping fees."

"...thanks for all your work obtaining what is certainly the most interesting and useful quantities of ammo anywhere, at very reasonable prices."

"...very much appreciate the personal touch and customer service, it feels more rare than ever these days."

"Thank you for everything you do!"

"Good Morning:
I would like to know where you are obtaining our LE packaged Federal and Speer ammunition for sale on your internet site? It is wreaking havoc with our commercial distribution.
Vista Outdoor"

"Just got my next shipment of Fed HST 124 9mm....Wanted to say thank you, again. So pleased, I have put your link out to several friends; retired FBI guy, retired Air Force Lt. Col., and other gun enthusiasts."

"Doc, I ordered at 330pm and already have a UPS notification of delivery for Monday. I will be ordering from you in the future. Keep up the great work finding the ammunition that people with the good understanding of fine ammo can relate to. God Bless America."

"They're good to go. They've got ammo that others don't. They ship quick. Their prices correspond to the scarcity of their products. If you're for something hard to find, buy with confidence." AR15.com

"Awesome service. You are now my 1st goto for quality hard to get product from now on."

"You guys have the best variety of premium ammo anywhere. Thank you!"

"Thanks for the professional service I got during my last order, I will continue to be a return customer in the future and will advise all my range and internet forum friends to check out this company."

"Thank you for the FAST handling of the order!"

"Dr John, Nancy picked up the ammo today, thanks for coordinating the order. FYI, also in the carton was a box of 9 mm Winchester 147gr Ranger T-Series and a box of 9mm Federal 124gr HST that I didn't order. Feel free to charge me for the extra ammo, don't want to stiff my ammo lifeline!!! lol. Thanks again for you help."

"I have just found in my e-mails a UPS notice to the effect that you have already sent the package. Even though I am not in a rush, I very much appreciate it. Thank you so much. If all goes well with what I ordered, I am very much likely to order another box."
(followed 2 weeks later by:)
"After using 3/4 of what I bought last time, it is clear they work just fine with what I have. As we will no more be able to order these things online from California at the end of this year, I would like to order another box...I am glad I discovered your business by pure chance."

"Thanks so much for helping get us the ammo and getting it out today. Looks like we will have it Monday and that will be perfect! This stuff is hard to find right now and I am just glad you had some in stock!"

"I was having a hard time finding one particular type of tactical ammo. I only saw it on this website and took a chance on it. Shipped the next day, packaged well, showed up exactly as advertised. Couldn't hope for better on a first time."

"Believe me when I say, you have gained a life long customer here. I used to order from ammunition depot, ammunition store, and SGammo - but none of them have the selection & prices like you do. None carry Ranger, and they don't carry Speerdot, & HST at the prices you do, especially in the 250/550 packs. Really."

"Thank you sir, it's a pleasure doing business with you. I will refer you to my family and friends. Merry Christmas!"

"You keep selling out of stuff–business is good! :) I placed an order for what was left of what I want."

"It’s a wonderful site you have by the way. Great stuff."

I look forward to hearing back from you after the election. It would be a pleasant surprise if we could flip Michigan (my state) or Wisconsin this year. "

"Congrats on the Presidential victory! We did it!"

I can speak, I trust, for all of us here in the Golden State...Very few vendors online carry the specialized items you do let alone at the value you offer...I can’t think of a nicer gentleman to give my hard-earned money to…."

Thanks so much for my bullets they came very fast and I'm very pleased with them. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks!"

Just wanted to say thank you again for my previous order of Federal HST 124.My wife and I did go to the range last evening.... and the ammo ran..."slick".Very pleased. That is why I did a follow up order with "Eagle Eye" late last night."

I truly appreciate your assistance with placing this order and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Suggest you buy from Eagle Eye Guns, Ammunition Depot, Target Store USA, Ammo to go. These other vendors have always treated me right." Gunhub.com

"For the standard pressure 9mm 124 gr HST in 50 rd boxes, keep checking the Eagle Eye Guns LLC website to catch them in-stock. I've purchased from Eagle Eye a time or two and have found them to be a reputable company to deal with. Good service, good prices, fast shipping." GlockTalk

"Ordered on 11/30, rec'd shipping notice on 12/1 and rec'd today, ammo was bubblke wrapped and then box packed with paper so arrive pristine . Looking at the website I noticed some references to Gunbroker so he may be well known but first time I had run across him. Based on my 1 experience I would have to report as GTG." AR15.com

"I have ordered from them. I have been very happy. Their case prices include free shipping. Shipping relatively quick and have not had my credit card hacked. I would not hesitate to buy from them again." AR15.com

Eagle Eye Guns has 147 gr hst" AR15.com:
"I have ordered from them several times, and have had no issues. They delivered promptly with exactly what I ordered. They have hard to find ammo including 5.56 rifle ammo, but they tend to be on the high side as far as price. For example P9HST2 500 round 1/2 case is 68.5 cents/round. Most places charge closer to 60 cents/round, but at least they have the ammo. Shipping is reasonable. They are gtg.
Right now they have
RA9T (147gr) 500 rounds $342.49
P9HST1 (124 gr)
P9HST2 (147 gr)
P9HST3 (124gr +P)
P9HST4 (147gr +p)
53619 (Gold Dot 147gr)
All very hard to find ammo anywhere."

"Ordered 500 rd case of P9HST2 last night and shipped already today. They are only online vendor that has this ammo. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future."

"Arrived as expected, and shoots as well."

"Got my ammo very quickly. These guys are GTG "
"Eagle eye guns has 124gr, +p, and 147
I just bought 1/4 case of the +p
My 2nd order from them" AR15.com

"I bought both of mine (Arsenal Inc. SA M-7 SFCs) through Dr. John, owner of EagleEyeGuns in Wisconsin. He's a good fellow to deal with & I even got consecutive serial #'s." AR15.com