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20 Round Box Speer LE 24475 - .223 Rem 75gr Gold Dot Soft Point - Barrier Blind Police Duty Round for Carbines and Short Barreled Rifles

20 Round Box Speer LE 24475 - .223 Rem 75gr Gold Dot Soft Point - Barrier Blind Police Duty Round for Carbines and Short Barreled Rifles
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Speer LE 24475 - .223 Rem 75gr Gold Dot Soft Point Patrol Rifle Duty Load in 20 round boxes

This is the new Speer Law Enforcement .223 75 gr Gold Dot JSP (GDSP) that was announced at the 2015 SHOT Show. This cartridge is recommended for carbines or short barreled rifles with a length of 16" down to 9." Short barrels should have a 1:7 twist. A 1:9 twist may not stabilize the bullet. With barrels longer than 16," the bullet may break up.

This round is designed for SBRs with a barrel length no longer than 16," preferably shorter, and a rate of twist of 1:9 or faster, preferably 1:7.

Federal Tactical LE223T3 will also perform well in a short-barreled rifle, but also will perform better than the Speer 24475 in rifle length barrels (longer than 16"), and in barrels with a twist of 1:9.

The following was posted by Molon on AR15.com:

Following in the footsteps of their successful 62/64 grain Gold Dot LE 223 Remington ammunition, Speer has introduced a 75 grain version of their blind-to-barriers “bonded” soft-point ammunition (#24475).

This ammunition is loaded in nickel-plated brass cases with crimped and sealed primers, however, there is no sealant at the case mouth. The load is charged with “ball” powder. The head-stamp reads: “SPEER 15 223 REM”.

The form of the 75 grain Gold Dot is just what you would expect it to be; a longer and heavier version of the 62/64 grain Gold Dots.

Three 10-shot groups of the Speer LE 75 grain Gold Dot ammunition were fired in a row with the resulting extreme spreads:
for a 10-shot group average extreme spread of 1.07”. The three 10-shot groups were over-layed on each other using RSI Shooting Lab to form a 30-shot composite group. The mean radius for the 30-shot composite group was 0.32”.

The muzzle velocity for the 10-shot string of the Speer LE 75 grain Gold Dot ammunition fired from the 20” Colt barrel was 2652 FPS with a standard deviation of 11 FPS and a coefficient of variation of 0.42%.

SPEER Gold Dot Duty Rifle brings proven bullet technology to rifle platform. The Gold Dot® bullet was the first high performance, bonded-core bullet and has since set the bar for duty ammunition. Gold Dot rifle bullets are optimized to ensure expansion out of barrels down to 10" at a wide variety of velocities out to 200 yards. This kind of performance greatly increases the capabilities of duty rifles and gives a distinct advantage when it matters most. In addition, these new loads boast outstanding feeding in short, very short and standard length AR platforms. Gold Dot rifle bullets are constructed using Gold Dot technology. The process of joining the jacket and core one molecule at a time eliminates the potential for the leading cause of bullet failure—jacket/core separation. Exact tolerances and unprecedented bullet uniformity of jacket thickness give Gold Dot rifle loads outstanding accuracy. In addition, these loads feature flash suppressed propellants and a muzzle velocity of up to 3000 fps.

Manufacturer - Speer
Bullet Weight – 75 grain
Bullet Type - Gold Dot Bonded Soft-Point
Muzzle Velocity – 2775 fps (from the above table)
Casing - Nickel Plated Brass

The following was posted on pistol-forum.com by member Unobtanium:

"The official BC is 0.373, by the way." pistol-forum.com

"Today, I fired a round into water jugs (milk-jugs) at a paced 95m. My paces are pretty accurate (about 10m +- over 400m, measured w/surveyor wheel, numerous times, when I lived out in S TX). I used my 16.1" DDM4, suppressed. The round expanded VIOLENTLY, and penetrated the same number of jugs as at 15m. Three, with the round coming to rest in the 4th, after ALMOST breaking out of the outer most side. The bulk of the fragments shown were found in the 2nd and 3rd jugs. This round is still moving "too fast" at 100ish yards to retain 100% of its mass. It is my opinion that the BC really is around 0.4, and this round has some legs on it!"

"Here it is, shown next to the one fired at 15m, for reference (the fragmented round is, ironically, the one fired at 100-ish yards):" (See photographs above) pistol-forum.com

"Also, yeah, it's definitely growing on me. The BC is a game-changer in barrier blind ammo, IMO." pistol-forum.com

"Based on an 1800fps expansion floor, it should open up out to 300 yards. More "cool" data, is that it PERFECTLY matches my Nightforce NXS 1-4 FC-2's drop hash-marks. Zeroed at 100, the bottom of the circle is 300m, the top of the triangle 400m, and the bottom of the triangle, 500. Within 1 MOA.

Also, it's very accurate, and bucks wind well due to the high BC. It drops into "pistol territory" (velocity-wise) further out than RA556B or XM556FBIT3, as well.

Literally the only thing it gives up is a few hundred FPS from muzzle to about 150 yards, and then the difference is academic and it pulls ahead around the 200 mark.

Looking at my expanded open-air 100 yard shot though...should it HAVE more MV? I'm leaning towards "no"." pistol-forum.com

"We will be testing this in the relatively near future..."
(Regarding expectations for this round) "Superior long range performance, better intermediate barrier capability--particularly auto glass, closer trajectory to other 70+ gr ammo."
"Both the 55 & 62/64 versions have performed well, so it it likely that this will carry on in the same fashion--but you never know until it gets tested..."
Dr. Gary Roberts

"Allegedly, the Gold dots don't have the leading issue secondary to how little lead is exposed. According to Dr. Roberts, most of the leading came from non-bonded rounds." Posting on pistol-forum.com

The jacket is not bonded, but molecularly-fused, allowing terminal performance comparable to the more costly bonded bullets. You get exceptional performance at a reasonable price. The process of joining the jacket and core one molecule at a time eliminates the potential for the leading cause of bullet failure-jacket/core separation. It also ensures impressive weight retention through barriers as tough as auto-glass.

It is an excellent all-around .223 cartridge combining accuracy with barrier penetration. It will function perfectly in AR15s chambered for 5.56mm as well as those that are chambered only for .223 Rem. The 75 grain cartridge is best used with a rifling twist rate of 1:7 or 1:9. When it is fired in a rifle with a slower rate of twist, the longer 75-grain bullet can yaw up to 70 degrees in free trajectory through the air, substantially degrading accuracy.


  • Primer: Compatible with rifles that have a free floating firing pin.
  • Powder: Clean-burning, low-flash, fast-burning propellant boosts velocity through 16- to 20-inch barrels.
  • Brass: Federal® made brass case features a harder case head for exceptional primer retention.
  • Brass: Military-style colored iris gives visual confirmation of proper case metallurgy.
  • Optimized boat-tail profile: For improved accuracy.
  • Molecularly-fused jacket: Totally eliminates component separation, unlike other conventional methods. Fused around a pressure-formed core for weight retention through barriers as tough as auto glass
  • Reliable feeding in AR weapons platforms with standard or short barrels
  • Skived tip: Internally skived bullet for consistent long-range expansion.
  • Extremely exact tolerances in manufacturing to produce outstanding accuracy
  • Case of 500 rounds - 25 boxes of 20 rounds

From Buffman - R.A.N.G.E.'s velocity test of the 75gr Gold Dot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QswX2r6PcxM

Chronograph: Pro Chronopal Chronograph
Test Taken: 10 Feet
Temperature: 43.0°F
Humidity: 38%
Baro: 30.07"HG
Dew Point: 18.9°F
Elevation: 849 Feet.

All shots are in feet per second (fps)
10" barrel:
1. 2,096
2. 2,096
3. 2,063
Avg: 2,085
724 ft lbs.

16" barrel:
1. 2,614
2. 2,574
3. 2,574
Avg: 2,587
1,114 ft lbs.

20" barrel:
1. 2,656
2. 2,624
3. 2,619
Avg: 2,633
1,154 ft lbs.

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