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500 Rounds IMI Razor Core 5.56 77 Grain OTM in 20 round boxes - MK262 Mod 1

500 Rounds IMI Razor Core 5.56 77 Grain OTM in 20 round boxes - MK262 Mod 1
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500 Rounds IMI Razor Core 5.56 77 Grain OTM in 20 round boxes

This is the IMI version of the Black Hills MK262 Mod 1. The Mk 262 is a match quality round manufactured by Black Hills made originally for the Special Purpose Rifle (SPR). It uses a 77-grain (5.0 g) Sierra MatchKing bullet that is more effective at longer ranges than the standard issue M855 round.

This is factory new ammunition. The Lot number or appearance of the packaging may differ from the photographs.

Also consider the following MK262 Mod 1 cartridges:
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Black Hills Ammunition D556N19 TMK
and the similar
Hornady 8126N 5.56 75 grain T2 bullet

This following is information from IMI regarding the cartridge:

"It features the world famous IMI brass case. This case is made to exacting IMI mil-spec specifications and is checked for all dimensions before proceeding to the loading area. This brass has a case wall concentricity second to none which helps insure accuracy. The web is thick and the case is designed to be reloaded many times over. The engineers are IMI understand reloading and if they make a superior case to start with, then the reloading will take care of itself. It has the annealing mark on the neck.

It features a military 41 type non-corrosive crimped-in primer that is waterproofed.
It features the standard issue IMI military propellant powder of the best quality.
It features the Sierra 77gr HPBT MatchKing bullet with cannelure. But, the bullet is special loaded in the case with waterproof sealant like nothing else on the market anywhere.
In addition to the tar seal, the final application of a clear sealant made by Loctite is applied to the outside of the case mouth to insure a complete waterproof seal. This ammo is the very best you can buy.

It features an accuracy requirement second to none for military ammunition per IDF requirements.

The ammunitIon is packed in a plastic holder in a 20 round box that is designed to protect this true match round during transport until use. The quality of this ammunition and the care and time it takes to make far exceed the price."

"The Black Hills produced Mk262 uses the 77 gr Sierra Match King (SMK) OTM and is built as premium quality ammunition intended for precise long-range semi-auto rifle shots from the Mk12 rifle. It is great for its intended purpose. Mk262 has demonstrated improved accuracy, greater effective range, and more consistent performance at all distances compared to M855 when fired from current M16, Mk12, M4, HK416, and Mk18 rifles and carbines. However, despite this substantially improved performance, Mk262 is NOT necessarily the best choice for LE or most military combat use from carbines, as Mk262 still manifests the problems of poor intermediate barrier penetration and somewhat variable terminal performance inherent with the SMK design, as well as increased cost."

"At this time, given the current ammo choices available via the standard green/white side military supply system, for a general purpose carbine, I'd load my mags with Mk318 Mod0 if available. For long range shooting the Mk262 Mod1 is optimal ."
Dr. Gary Roberts discussing military 5.56 duty loads in pistol-forum.com

"This (IMI Razor Core) load is topped with the Sierra 77 grain SMK bullet with a cannelure. The case mouth is sealed and the primers are crimped and sealed. When chronographed from a 20” Colt M16A2 barrel with a NATO chamber, chrome lining and a 1:7" twist, the load had a muzzle velocity of 2866 FPS with a standard deviation of 21 FPS. The Ballistic Coefficient for the Sierra .224 77 grain SMK is 0.362.
A 10-shot group group fired off the bench from my Lothar-Walther barreled AR-15 at a distance of 100 yards had an extreme spread of 0.95”." Molon on Lightfighter.net

"The IMI 77-grain Razor Core OTM has impressed me in two significant ways: its low price point and exceptional performance. It’s a “budget” high-quality round that offers shooters sniper-grade groups at a more affordable price." IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo

razor core 77gr from IMI

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