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500 Rounds Winchester Ranger Bonded RA40B - .40 S&W 180 grain Bonded JHP in 50 round boxes - Not Restricted!

500 Rounds Winchester Ranger Bonded RA40B - .40 S&W 180 grain Bonded JHP in 50 round boxes - Not Restricted!
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Winchester Ranger Bonded RA40B - .40 S&W 180 grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point

$0.60/cartridge for one of the best and the most difficult to find .40 S&W self defense rounds. The ammunition in packaged in ten 50 round boxes as pictured. This product is only available to law enforcement divisions through the nationwide network of Winchester Ammunition Law Enforcement Distributors, and ships directly to the agency. For that reason, it is nearly impossible for us to sell you factory new ammunition. Much of the Ranger ammunition we sell was initially purchased for or by a law enforcement agency, and then made available to the public for various reasons.

Ranger® Bonded handgun ammunition was specifically created to deliver maximum penetration through the toughest of barriers. This effectiveness is made possible thanks to the Winchester proprietary core/jacket bonding process—and is enhanced with a special hollow point cavity that acts in unison to control expansion, leading to maximum weight retention and deep penetration through hard and abrasive barriers including auto glass. The bonding process changes the bullet from shiny to dull. Selected by federal law enforcement agencies for their .40 and 9mm caliber service rounds, the Ranger Bonded gives you the penetration to handle the most serious of threats.

  • Cartridge: .40 S&W
  • Bullet Weight: 180
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1020 ft/sec
  • Barrel Length: 4.00"
  • Rounds Per Box: 50
"At a Winchester ammo seminar earlier this year, I expressly asked the assembled execs if they had ever heard of a case where an armed citizen's choice of their LEO/Ranger ammo had been used against them in court, and they replied that they had not." Massad Ayoob posting on "The High Road"

"We have not done enough testing of the .45 ACP Win bonded loads to recommend them yet." Dr. Gary Roberts

"Whatever you choose, make sure you fire at least 500 and preferably 1000 failure free shots through your pistol prior to carrying it. If your pistol cannot fire at least 1000 consecutive shots without a malfunction, something is wrong and it is not suitable for duty/self-defense use." Dr. Gary Roberts in pistol-forum.com

The following loads all demonstrate outstanding terminal performance and can be considered acceptable for duty/self-defense use Dr. Gary Roberts in pistol-forum.com:

.40 S&W:
Barnes XPB 140 & 155 gr JHP (copper bullet)
Speer Gold Dot 155 gr JHP
Federal Tactical 165 gr JHP (LE40T3)
Speer Gold Dot 165 gr JHP
Winchester Ranger-T 165 gr JHP (RA40TA)
Federal HST 180 gr JHP (P40HST1)
Federal Tactical 180 gr JHP (LE40T1)
Remington Golden Saber 180 gr JHP (GS40SWB)
Speer Gold Dot 180 gr JHP
Winchester Ranger-T 180 gr JHP (RA40T)
Winchester 180 gr bonded JHP (RA40B/Q4355/S40SWPDB1) Dr. Gary Roberts in pistol-forum.com

-- Bullet designs like the Silver Tip, Hydra-Shok, and Black Talon were state of the art 15 or 20 years ago. These older bullets tend to plug up and act like FMJ projectiles when shot through heavy clothing; they also often have significant degradation in terminal performance after first passing through intermediate barriers. Modern ammunition which has been designed for robust expansion against clothing and intermediate barriers is significantly superior to the older designs. The bullets in the Federal Classic and Hydrashok line are outperformed by other ATK products such as the Federal Tactical and HST, as well as the Speer Gold Dot; likewise Winchester Ranger Talons are far superior to the old Black Talons or civilian SXT's. Dr. Gary Roberts in pistol-forum.com

Winchester Ranger 40 S&W 180 Grain Bonded JHP Denim and Clear Gel Tests

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